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Veho Delivery Driver Review: $22/HR Better Than Food Delivery, Safer Than Rideshare

Veho has made an impact in the delivery services industry with an innovative model. But is it an effective platform to earn good money & optimize your work.
Table of Contents

In 2016, Veho was a new entrant in the delivery services market, introducing an innovative approach.

Veho offers better pay, but requires that delivery drivers complete a number of orders in four or more hours.

Veho drivers need bigger vehicles and must be at least 25 years of age. Employees have compared working for Veho as similar to being a UPS driver, but with your own car.

Is Veho woth it? Can you make $22 per hour with Veho? Or is it just another typical delivery services model? Let’s take a closer look at Veho and what it's like to work there as a driver. 

What is Veho and How Do They Work?

Veho is an end-to-end e-commerce delivery service that prioritizes client satisfaction.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, its network of professional and qualified crowdsourcing drivers has a good reputation for reliability and timeliness.

Benefits for companies that use Veho for delivery include reduced shipping costs, detailed tracking, and overall, an exceptional experience.

Veho aims to provide better services than traditional delivery companies. Delivery companies that have been around for decades are a bit outdated. They rely on inefficient technology, resulting in higher delivery costs.

With the rise of e-commerce, businesses require a more flexible delivery partner that hascutting edge technology and can deliver at competitive prices.

How is Veho Better than Rideshare and Food Delivery?

Veho is a great option for drivers for three reasons:

  • The majority of drivers make more money than they would with any other internet-based delivery service (on a per-hour basis).
  • Veho is the first online transportation firm that guarantees payment in advance. Veho delivery drivers don’t have to waste time waiting for passengers or restaurant pickups (this fact is debatable, we’ll discuss it below). 
  • The drivers can make a reservation and drive whenever is most convenient for them. Their task is to pick up packages from the nearby storage facility and deliver them to customer doors in the area.

So, in a sense, delivering with Veho is similar to other platforms except for the part that you’ll get payment in advance. 

How is Veho Different?

Veho doesn’t cater to the consumer market, which is one of its major contrasts from most gig platforms. Instead, it deals directly with businesses as a last-mile solution for product delivery.

The delivery driver gigs with veho are organized into routes. Independent contractors (drivers) can choose from a list of possible routes and then check how much each route pays and how long it will take.

At Veho's warehouse, drivers pick up packages at a predetermined time. About 25 shipments are usually bundled together. The packages are bulky. So, you'll need a medium-sized car to transport them (typically, an SUV or small van will do the job).

In most cases, drivers have a three to four-hour window to complete their deliveries. Veho pays the drivers for each route and has a specific amount set for every delivery job. An extra incentive may be offered, on occasion. 

Veho doesn't have a tipping system. You’ll get the amount stated before the delivery.  

Delivering Packages With Veho

Becoming a Veho delivery driver has more restrictions than most delivery services. For starters, drivers must be at least 25. They need to have a car, a driver’s license, and a commercial insurance policy ($1,000,000). 

The age part, according to some Reddit users, is a strange requirement because other services have set their age limit to 18. Plus, Veho is not yet available in every US state. 

At the time of writing, Veho operates in the following cities:

  • Arlington
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Colorado Springs
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Houston
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
  • Upper Marlboro
  • Washington DC

Other cities may be added in the future. 

Signing up with Veho is similar to what you might have experienced with other delivery services. There is a form to fill out, a background check, and some documents that need to be submitted.

Veho provides virtual route training that basically takes you through the typical day of a veho delivery driver, which is helpful to understand how it works. 

To start accepting orders, you need to log in to the Veho app at 6:00 PM the day before you want to work. This means that if you want to work on Tuesday, you must check the orders on Monday at 6:00 PM. 

All the available routes will show up in the app, along with additional information as in the image below, including:

  • Payment
  • Number of deliveries
  • Pickup time and location
  • Estimated delivery time

Several existing delivery drivers with Veho complain that the route selection process does not share the route map and the specific location before accepting. However, you have the option to select a route, see the map, and forfeit. 

But in this time, the 'best' delivery routes can be taken by other drivers. 

Picking Up Deliveries | Is it Easy or Difficult?

Lastly, there is the issue of picking up the packages from the warehouse, which is not always easy. There is a controversial policy set forth by Veho. That is, if you arrive late at the warehouse, your order will be canceled. But if the warehouse is late on their side, you will have to wait. 

On good days, you will be in and out within 15 minutes, but on some days, it can take up to an hour to get your orders in the truck. 

This so-called innovative method of delivering packages applies with regards to package sorting, marking, and organization. Every package you’ll pick up has a barcode, and the Veho application is efficient enough to help you sort it out.

Delivering the Packages | Is it Driver-Friendly?

With Veho, when you arrive at a delivery destination, you must scan the packages before releasing them to prevent mix-ups.

The customer will specify where the package should be delivered. If no directions are given, you should deliver near the door, if possible.

Contactless deliveries are available. It's not required to wait for the customer to arrive at the door. In most cases, this makes dropping off a breeze. 

You should normally take at least two pictures when delivering. One shows the location of the package, while the other shows the address. You'll need to click a second image even if the package photo clearly shows the address. 

Some apartment deliveries will necessitate a third photograph that also includes the apartment number.

This exercise is much better than what you do with GrubHub or UberEats. The benefit of clicking multiple pictures is to refute any false claims.

How Much Veho Pays?

Veho pays more than the national average of $15 to $22.36 per hour. It may differ according to the city. An average haul for a veho delivery driver ranges between four to five hours. 

So, for a five-hour gig, you will earn between $75 and $110 per shift. Remember, there are no tips on Veho. So, final earnings will be as is stated in the app.

Here is a list of hourly rates paid by Veho in different cities. 

These are the average earnings. In some cities, the hourly rate can climb, according to the demand.

Typically, delivery days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. So, you can set a predictable schedule that will allow you to also work with other delivery services.

Bad weather conditions, like snowy roads, result in higher pay. However, there is risk attached, as you will have to be on the road for four to five hours in those conditions. 

The pay rates above are shared according to the data available on Indeed. However, we have a few images from Reddit below that show how much Veho actually pays.  

Note the *INCREASED* tag after some of the gigs. This means that the price has been increased for an unshared reason. This is a situation where you can earn some real money for just a few hours of work. Imagine earning $150 for three hours in the morning and then going about your usual workday as a Dasher or an UberEats driver.

Is Veho Worth It?

At present, even with the high pay and all, being a veho delivery driver is not as beneficial as one may think. When you work as a delivery driver, money is not everything. But, of course, it's a key consideration.

We have seen Reddit posts in wich drivers claim that Veho is notorious for changing the payment at the end of the delivery. They may show a higher price at the beginning and reduce it after you complete your deliveries. 

Sometimes, drivers who take screenshots before starting their shift can file a complaint and get the pre-stated rate. 

In terms of the overall work required, like delivering more than 25 boxes in three to four hours, being a veho delivery driver is not easy. It takes diligence and sometimes even luck to make that many deliveries in time.

All in all, this job requires commitment and patience. Working as a Dasher or an UberEats driver is more liberating than being a Veho delivery driver. Once you accept the order, it must be complete in the stipulated time. 

The higher pay and working hours are great only when the weather is terrible. Then, you can make more than $150 in four or five hours. That same amount of money can be made more easily working as a dasher.  

Out of the delivery schedules we have reviewed, only Chicago, Denver, and other bigger cities have peak delivery rates. As with other delivery services, the rates are not that high in smaller cities. 

Check out the map in the image below. The job does pay close to $150 for a four-hour shift, but there are 35 stops, and you can't tell ahead of time which are in apartments, commercial complexes, residential areas, etc. 

There is a lot of ambiguity in being a Veho delivery driver. Our advice is first to check out some Reddit posts and talk to some veho drivers in your city. 

If you are interested in working with Veho, give it a try. That is the ultimate beauty of working as an independent contractor.

You can always choose where you work!

Andrew Wise. Side Hustling since 2009
Andrew Wise, Side Hustler Since 2009
Founder, Wurk.cc
I have spent my entire adult life maximizing my money. At age 6, I was selling my lunch, at age 16, I was a Power Seller on eBay, and at age 26 I was helping Postmates manage their $10M annual Adwords budget. Today, I'm helping gig workers maximize their money on Wurk.
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