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From the Horses Mouth | Why Curry is the Best Delivery Driver Job?

Curri is a construction material delivery platform allowing people to earn quick money on the same day operated through a driver-friendly system. Let's Know How
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In recent years, the gig economy has shown significant growth, with the delivery driver sector becoming a leading force in this transformation. From pizza delivery to packages and now construction and logistics, delivery services are penetrating diverse industries, revolutionizing the way goods are transported across the city, state, or even the country.

According to the latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2023, there are over 3.5 million delivery drivers in the U.S, a significant increase from 2.5 million in 2018. This rapid growth showcases the booming popularity of delivery driver gigs, propelled by the flexible work hours, independence, and the burgeoning e-commerce industry.

The growth, however, is not uniform across all sectors. One industry that has a unique demand for delivery services is the construction and logistics sector. These sectors require the transportation of specialized goods like construction materials, large-scale industrial equipment, and more. These items are not your typical packages - they are often oversized, bulky, and require special handling and care during transit. 

That's where the need for a dedicated delivery platform for construction and logistics comes into play. A dedicated platform not only streamlines the process of delivering heavy, bulky items but also ensures the people handling these deliveries are equipped with the right skills and tools to do so. 

This is where Curri steps into the picture. As a dedicated platform for construction and logistics delivery, Curri is revolutionizing the industry, providing a much-needed solution to the unique challenges faced by these sectors. But why is Curri considered the best platform for delivery gigs? Let's delve into that next.

Curri Pay and Factors Leading to Payment

When it comes to joining a delivery platform, one of the most important considerations for any individual is undoubtedly the payment structure. At Curri, drivers are not salaried employees; instead, they work as independent consultants and contractors, thereby enjoying the flexibility and independence that the gig economy has to offer.

The payment that Curri drivers receive is carefully calculated based on a combination of factors, ensuring they are appropriately rewarded for their time, efforts, and the resources they utilize. These factors include:

  1. Location: Different areas have different costs of living, traffic patterns, and other considerations. Curri takes this into account when determining compensation.
  1. Distance: The further a driver has to travel to make a delivery, the more they're paid. This consideration ensures that drivers are compensated for both their time and the wear and tear on their vehicles.
  1. Vehicle Type: The type of vehicle used for deliveries can significantly impact expenses, from gas mileage to maintenance costs. Therefore, the vehicle type plays an integral role in the payment structure.
  1. Weight of Material: Delivering heavier materials requires more effort and can add to the vehicle's wear and tear. Recognizing this, Curri factors in the weight of the material when calculating a driver's pay.

Taking these factors into account, on average, Curri drivers earn $28 per hour for their work, providing them with a competitive wage in the gig economy. However, earnings can fluctuate based on the specific nature of the work, the vehicle used, and the material being transported. 

By considering a range of factors in their payment structure, Curri ensures that drivers are rewarded fairly for their efforts, making it an appealing platform for delivery gigs in the construction and logistics sectors.

How Does Curri Work and Make Life of a Curri-er Easier?

One of the key aspects that set Curri apart from other delivery platforms is its efficient and well-structured working process. From the moment you sign up to the time you receive your delivery offer, the platform is designed to ensure a seamless experience for the drivers, thereby maximizing efficiency and productivity.

As a Curri driver, you have the flexibility to choose your working hours. You simply need to mark yourself as active on the home screen of the app, and you're ready to go. This feature differs from many other delivery apps that can often seem intrusive by taking over your phone every time there's an available delivery. Instead, Curri maintains a balance by simply sending you a text and a push notification about an available delivery, letting you decide whether you want to take it or not. 

When signing up with Curri, you're required to send in a picture of your vehicle. This step is crucial as it plays a significant role in the delivery matching process. Whenever a delivery becomes available, the platform identifies which vehicles are suitable based on the size and nature of the goods to be delivered. 

You will only receive a notification for a delivery opportunity if Curri deems your vehicle large enough to handle it, thus saving you from the hassles of handling goods that your vehicle may not be equipped to carry. 

The delivery offer process on Curri is not like what you would find on food delivery platforms such as Doordash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub. On those platforms, a delivery opportunity is sent only to your phone, and you have the option to either accept or decline. If you accept the offer on those platforms, the delivery is automatically assigned to you. 

However, with Curri, the process is a bit different. When a delivery becomes available, Curri notifies multiple drivers at the same time, giving them the option to claim the delivery. But claiming an offer doesn't automatically assign you that delivery. 

This distinctive process used by Curri reflects its commitment to creating a driver-friendly platform that caters specifically to the unique requirements of the construction and logistics sectors. By ensuring a seamless workflow, Curri not only makes it easier for drivers to earn, but also ensures the right person is assigned to the right job, thus guaranteeing an efficient and successful delivery.

Taking the Job Process

As part of the unique features of the Curri platform, the process of claiming a delivery is designed to maximize efficiency and ensure fairness among drivers. Here's a step-by-step guide on how this process unfolds once you've received a notification for a delivery opportunity.

Unlike many food delivery apps, Curri does not immediately display the delivery offer once you open the app. Instead, you will need to tap on the menu bar and select "Requests". This section provides a consolidated view of all your delivery offers. 

From your requests, you will see a small box displaying the offer. To proceed, tap on this box to "claim the delivery". Upon doing so, you'll be presented with a screen offering more details about the job. It's worth noting that the information about locations may not be as detailed as what you'd find on food delivery apps. However, you'll usually receive sufficient data to get a sense of the general area where you'll be going, along with a rough estimate of the time and distance you'll be driving. 

Now, here's where Curri's process deviates significantly from platforms like Dasher or Uber driver apps. In the world of Curri, claiming a delivery does not guarantee that you'll get it. This is because the same delivery offer is sent simultaneously to multiple qualifying drivers. 

So, when you tap to claim a delivery, one of three things can happen:

  1. Collecting Responses: You may get a message stating that Curri is still collecting responses and that you will be notified within 30 seconds about the status of your delivery claim.
  1. Assigned to Another Driver: You might be informed that the delivery offer has been assigned to another driver. However, in such a case, you have the option to offer to be a backup, thereby putting you in line in case the assigned driver cannot fulfill the delivery.
  1. Successful Claim: The best-case scenario is that you receive a message confirming that you have successfully claimed the offer, making the delivery yours to complete.

This claiming process reflects Curri's commitment to creating a fair and efficient platform for all its drivers. By balancing the needs of the drivers with the specific requirements of each delivery, Curri ensures that every delivery is in the right hands, ultimately benefiting both the drivers and the customers.


In a world where the gig economy is continuously growing, and delivery services are becoming an integral part of our daily lives, Curri stands out as a promising platform for delivery drivers. Specifically catering to the construction and logistics sectors, it brings a fresh perspective to the market, tackling the unique challenges these industries face with delivery services. 

From a fair payment structure that takes into account several important factors to an efficient and driver-friendly working process, Curri delivers an optimal working environment for drivers. With the convenience of claiming delivery jobs through a simple app-based interface, and the clear and transparent process it provides, Curri is not just another gig job platform.

Andrew Wise. Side Hustling since 2009
Andrew Wise, Side Hustler Since 2009
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