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How To Pass The Amazon Flex Background Check (On Your First Try)

In this article, we carefully discuss all you need to know about the Amazon Flex background check process for their delivery driver job.
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If you're searching for a delivery job that gives you control over your schedule and allows you to earn more than minimum wage after factoring in gas and wear and tear on your vehicle, look no further. You'll love Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex delivery drivers perform a similar function to those for DoorDash or Postmates. The only difference is instead of delivering meals, you'll be in charge of collecting Amazon packages from fulfillment centers and delivering them to customers.

Amazon Flex delivery drivers earn a minimum of $18/hr. Once you have passed the amazon flex background check, you can increase your earnings to $25/hour. On some types of orders, drivers can get as much as $33 per hour. Amazon Flex drivers receive 100% of their tips.

Read this article carefully to find everything you need to know about the Amazon flex background check process.

On a general note, the following factors are required for an individual to qualify as an Amazon flex driver. They include;

  • Being 21 years of age or older
  • Successfully passed background check
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Must have a social security number
  • Have a smartphone
  • Any other requirements as specified by the company

The Amazon shifts come as they are available or may be scheduled ahead.

What Is The Amazon Flex Background Check?

Uber has a 19-Point Inspection list, which you must pass before driving for the rideshare company.

Amazon has put in place a background check to ensure the safety and security of all warehouse visitors, customers, partners, and employees.

The Amazon flex background check includes driver history as well as professional, municipal, criminal, and educational records.

This exercise is done to confirm the suitability of applicants and to predict their behior as well as their likelihood of success on the job.

The Amazon flex background check comes after the initial sign-up to be a driver. After a survey is completed, an invite is sent to the applicant to download the driver's app. After providing basic information, including your drivers' license, Amazon can access your driving record. From the app, you can also initiate the background check.

You must pass the Amazon Flex background check to qualify to start working at the minimum paygrade.   

What Other Rideshare/Delivery Companies Use This Background Check?

A number of companies use background checks to screen applicants for their driving services.

This means that ensuring safety and security is not just done by Amazon Flex but also by the companies listed below.


UberEats handles food delivery. For its drivers to qualify, they must pass the company background check.


InstaCart offers shopping and home delivery services. Like Uber and others, its drivers are contractors who must go through a background check before they can start working.   

Panera Bread

Panera Bread is an American company also has its own delivery services. Its drivers must pass background checks as well.


DoorDash is another food delivery service that requires that a background check be passed for applicants to qualify as drivers.


GrubHub is a subsidiary of JustEat Takeaway.com that offers food delivery via applications that can be used by anyone. It has over 300,000 restaurant partners all around the United States.

Other companies that carry out similar activities as the Amazon flex background checks are Shipt and Deliv.              

What Does The Background Check Cover?

Each company has its own set of standards. However, here are some of the factors usually included:

  • Driving record
  • Work authorization
  • Credit history
  • Criminal record
  • Educational history
  • Medical records
  • Professional qualification

How To Run A Background Check On Myself?

The best way to predict the outcome of your background check is to run one on yourself beforehand.

This will allow you to catch any red flags early on and potentially address them before running your official background check to qualify as a driver.

If you find any inaccuracies or indications of wrongful record-keeping, you may want to address those beforehand, given that failed background checks can count against you in the process.

Here is a list of some of the reports that you may want to review ahead of time.

  • Criminal Record

Your criminal record will include probation history, warrants, pending criminal cases, imprisonment history, and criminal convictions.

  • Educational Background

Your educational record may be relevant to your employer. Therefore, you should ensure carry out the necessary review in this regard.

  • Employment History

In addition to other review exercises that you may be carrying out, this is an important aspect that should not be left out, especially if you have worked with other employers in the past.

  • Credit Record

This is important to employers, so it should be taken seriously. You have the right to get a free report of your credit history from national credit bureaus.

  • Social Security Number Verification

If, for whatever reason, you don't know your social security number, you can find it by visiting the Social Security Administration website where you can create an account. There you can go through the information recorded to be sure it is accurate.  

How To Fix A Background Check False Positive

A false positive report can count against you during the application process. This can happen for a number of reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Mistaken Identity         

This happens when the wrong background check is run on someone with the same or a very similar name. This happens rarely, but is easy to contest when the reason for failure is clearly an admin error.

  • Incorrect Criminal Records

This happens when inaccuracies are found in your criminal record.

  • Outdated Information

This takes places when records contain information that may no longer be valid or relevant.

If you are a victim of any of the errors stated above or have a related issue, here are a few ways you can resolve the issues.

  • Request For A Copy

When an issue occurs that you believe to be an error, you must request a copy of the document and carry out a thorough review to identify the inaccuracies.

  • Locate The Mistake

This could take time, but errors in the criminal justice system or on your driving record may require contacting the relevant authorities to dispute your current official standing. In some cases, laws may have changed regarding the ongoing status of your background information that could work in your favor.

  • Access The Source

It helps to research whether you have legal grounds to have your official background documentation updated, such that certain aspects are expunged and therefore prevented from impacting your ability to seek employment.

How To Create A Background Check Dispute Letter

For you to resolve false information, in some cases you must write a letter to dispute it. Here are a few tips for doing so:

  • First, check the organization's policy regarding updates to background documentation
  • Be aware of the place your letter should be sent to
  • Use a business letter format
  • Be polite in your presentation
  • Take responsibility for any mistakes on your part
  • State your intentions
  • Be brief

What Does Reddit Have To Say About Amazon Flex Background Check?

Here are what some Reddit users are saying about the Amazon Flex background check:

How long does the background check usually take?

No more than 7 days. Mine took like 4 days. You should just call and follow up.

The Amazon flex background check requires between two and five business days to be completed but sometimes may exceed a month or more.

A potential driver may be denied an opportunity on grounds they disagree with whether it was an error or not. 

The background check might need to be completed within ten days once there is an invite and a reference number sent.

 What To Do After Passing The Amazon Flex Background Check

For most applicants, the Amazon Flex background check is easy to pass. Once you have be approved to start working as a driver, the next step is to set up your availability calendar, so Amazon can assign you work hours accordingly.  


Getting approved to become an Amazon Flex driver is easy, especially when you have a clean record.

Working as a driver for Amazon Flex is a great way to make extra income either on a full-time basis or on the side.

For you to start earning from Amazon flex, whether you have a clean record or need to work through some things to get approval, please take advantage of the information we've provided above. This should make it easier to pass the Amazon Flex background check and move forward with your work.

So, what are you waiting for? start earning now!!!

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Andrew Wise, Side Hustler Since 2009
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