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How to Consistently Make $800 with UberEats: Max Salary, Tips & Tricks

Being an Uber Eats drivers means facing fierce competition, which reduces earnings. Follow these tips & tricks to make $800 from UberEats consistently.
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Gig jobs like driving for Uber Eats have become the bread and butter for many people. Tens of thousands of people now drive their cars or scooters to deliver food every day, earning basic pay plus tips. 

If the infrastructure for every Uber Eats driver is fixed, how can Person A make more money than Person B? Strange? No, there is nothing strange about it. Everything depends on how you plan your work. 

There is much more to delivering food with UberEats than just counting the number of hours you have worked. You can make more than usual with UberEats, provided you are follow some best practices. 

In the following sections, we provide some strategies and tips to help you maximize your earnings with the limited number of hours you spend driving for UberEats. 

What is the Average Uber Eats Driver Salary?

Financially, Uber Eats drivers are not able to convert their miles into money. However, people are undoubtedly using services like Uber Eats, as evidenced by our research. While there is some volatility within market areas, earnings are quite consistent, and we have every reason to expect they will continue to be so.

Here is a graphical reference to help understand how much an Uber Eats driver can make on average. 

This graph shows cities where Uber Eats drivers earn more than average. However, notice that UberEats has the higher share in Miami, and it has the lowest average salary for the drivers. 

One thing apparent on this graph is that simply working in a city that generates a higher than average volume of UberEats orders may not maximize your income.

So, what do drivers need to understand if they want to make more money than average and to do so consistently?

Read on to learn more! 

Making More Money as a Uber Eats Driver

In any case, if you want to make $1000 per week working as an Uber Eats driver, you must take your driving seriously and treat it as a business — one that will feed you, clothe you, and cover all of your expenditures just like any other work.

You probably already know this, but the major difference between working delivery and working for a firm is that you are your own boss when delivering (for Uber Eats or other platforms). That means no one will keep track of your expenses, help you cut costs, or inform you about tax breaks and the other aspects of running a business.

Think about it. You don’t have a monopoly in the market, and you don’t have power over who gets the next order. Even though you cannot control these things, you can make a big difference in both your earnings and your expenses by focusing on the things that you do have control of. 

Here are a few tips to master the business side of working as an Uber Eats delivery driver. 

Business Strategies

Start Thinking like an Independent Contractor

Remember that you are not an Uber employee. As an Uber Eats driver, you are an independent contractor. This means your employer will not withhold taxes, offer insurance, keep track of your wages, or inform you about tax breaks. You'll have to take care of all of this on your own.

Open a formal company entity if you wish to optimize your tax benefits. Being a sole proprietor has more tax advantages than becoming a company or LLC.

Make a decision on what you want to do with your company. Is delivery driving going to be your sole source of income? You'll need to meet additional requirements if you wish to undertake both delivery and ridesharing. 

Be realistic about your area's potential for earnings and keep an eye out for new offerings. In New York, for example, the Uber Eats app already has a tab that allows customers to order groceries. 

Work on Reducing your Costs and Track Them

Food, water, and soft drinks should always be brought from home. We found that the more experienced drivers save a lot of money this way. It is something that you will need, so why not avoif spending excessive cash buying things while you're on the road?

There are also special offers that will help you save money on your vehicle's maintenance. Use different apps to save money on gas. Track your gas costs and other expenses. 

The easiest approach to ensure you're taking advantage of all possible tax benefits is to keep track of your mileage and other expenses. You can either deduct all your expenses or take the normal mileage deduction. 

Harness the Uber Eats Driver Promotions

The amount of money you can make driving for Uber Eats is also determined by the delivery incentives offered by Ubereats. The pay rate for Uber delivery varies a lot based on the incentives. 

It can also help you earn more money. The following is a list of all Uber Eats driver incentives:

  • UberEats Quest
  • UberEats Boost
  • UberEats Surge

Understanding the Delivery Strategies

If the business side of working as an Uber Eats driver is about making more money by saving it, the delivery side is about making more money by modifying the way you work. Here are the things you need to do and make more than $800 a week with UberEats. 

Set your Schedule Right

Your schedule may depend on other factors in your daily life. Take a look over what other commitments you have before you set your schedule.

You'll need to identify time slots that work for you so that you can get the most out of your driving time.

Examine the busiest days and hours in your neighborhood. Surge pricing, quests, and other incentives increase earnings significantly, so it helps to work during these peak hours. 

Keep an eye out for other unique perks that can boost your earnings. Mostly, these are lunch and dinner times.

However, some unique earning opportunities come outside of regular mealtimes. Customers order delivery through Uber Eats at all hours of the day (and night). 

You'll increase your chances of making a lot of money if you can figure out when these time slots are available in your location by analyzing both the client and driver sides of the app.

Become a Disciplined and Smart Driver

Even though there isn’t anyone dictating your work hours, you won't be paid if you don’t show up for work. 

People tend to order more often when the weather is less than ideal. If you work during these times, be sure that you're prepared for the elements.

When consumers are grateful that you saved them from going out in the rain, sliding through a snowstorm, or going out during an August heatwave, the tips are usually higher.

Delivery driving might be hampered by traffic congestion, crowds, road construction, parades or other significant events.

Keep tabs on traffic in the area you are working. Try to tap into the local traffic website and check for any updates. Taking the fastest route will save you time and will decrease the odds of the food getting cold.

Adapt to the Circumstances

Earning $800 each week as an Uber Eats driver requires a high level of flexibility and the ability to adjust to changing conditions. 

Even if you don't feel like driving on a Saturday afternoon, a ball game or other major event that everyone is watching may increase deliveries.

Learn to Say No

Declining a delivery request might sometimes be a beneficial approach to increases your revenue. Here are a few reasons why you should decline a delivery request:

  • The pickup point is either too far away or outside the boost zone. 
  • You must pick up the food in an area where parking is tough to come by. 
  • You're already aware that a restaurant has long lines or unfriendly employees.
  • The customer's address is not inside the delivery zone.

You can decline a delivery request through the Uber Eats driver app. You'll be good as long as you don't cancel orders that you've previously accepted. With Uber Eats, acceptance rates are unimportant.

Don’t Break the Law

Unfortunately, all rideshare and delivery companies have a rigorous ticketing policy. Uber Eats, among others, do not provide compensation for parking citations you get during deliveries.

If you need to find a parking spot, take your time and follow the  rules of the road. Stay updated regarding city-wide parking regulations. They can change from time to time, during special occasions or even due to weather.  

How to Get Better Tips

Big tips are a great bonus of being a Uber Eats delivery driver.

Customers on UberEats, like most other delivery apps, are encouraged to tip generously. 

But, you need to put in some effort, and it's the little things that make a difference.

Even if you leave a delivery at the door, the consumer is likely to notice you. Make sure your happy face is the first thing they notice. Customers will almost always be convinced to add a bit extra to the virtual tip jar if you have a positive attitude.

Being on time is crucial, and communicating when you're late can save you a lot of grief. If there is a delay at the pickup site or if you are caught in traffic, text your customers to let them know you're on your way. 

You may also need some extra things to make deliveries efficiently. Bags, beverage carriers, and other equipment will help, and they're well worth the money. 

To Sum It Up

Delivering with UberEats may be a tiring task, but it is worth it if you are making more than $800 per week. However, it can take time and practice to get to this point. With experience, most drivers come to understand the system better and are able to maximize their earnings.  

While working as an Uber Eats driver, keep track of everything, from your mileage to the number of restaurants and new residential buildings opening in the city.

You'll start earning money from day one, so there's no rush in getting peak performance right away. However, as you learn to save cash on expenses, take the fastest routes, pick your deliveries carefully and to work during peak pay hours, you'll begin to maximize your earning potential!

Andrew Wise. Side Hustling since 2009
Andrew Wise, Side Hustler Since 2009
Founder, Wurk.cc
I have spent my entire adult life maximizing my money. At age 6, I was selling my lunch, at age 16, I was a Power Seller on eBay, and at age 26 I was helping Postmates manage their $10M annual Adwords budget. Today, I'm helping gig workers maximize their money on Wurk.
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