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How to Make The Most Money from Delivery Jobs in 2021

There is now a shortage of workers in the US. Which means that employers need to pay us more.So with this article, we teach you how to exploit the opportunities
Table of Contents

The pandemic's effects are finally revealing themselves, and it's great news if you're looking for ways to make more money.

Because, there is now a shortage of workers in the US. Which means that employers need to pay us more.

So with this article, we teach you how to exploit the opportunities in the delivery driver market and maximize your earnings.

Interestingly, there are tons of opportunities to make the most money from delivery jobs. Many quick-service restaurants and stores are open and are in search of delivery services; through this, you could earn some bucks.

Statistically, by 2025 the food delivery business is projected to be about $200 billion-which make it something that will stand the test of time and create lots of employment for people for now and shortly.

Delivery jobs are one of the side hustles and are flexible, which means you can manage your working hours.

So, whatever your situation; whether a stay at home mom, a student, or even someone with a regular job-you can make every money, whenever and wherever you want to work.

What are the best delivery driver jobs?

The best delivery driver jobs are those offered by big delivery service companies.

The companies offer a wide range of services such as food delivery, grocery and packages delivery, and other goods.

We've ranked the best delivery driver jobs based on the hourly pay and how easily you can rack up peak pay, ranked in order of the most cash you can make:

  • Doordash Drivers make $20/hr
  • Grubhub Drivers make $13/hr
  • UberEats Drivers make $12/hr
  • Instacart Drivers make $10/hr
  • Postmates Drivers make $15/hr
  • Amazon Flex Drivers make $25/hr

DoorDash Delivery Drivers Make $20/HR

This is one of the best delivery driver jobs available for you if you are looking to take a side hustle. They pay well and the work is flexible. You run errands for restaurants picking up orders and dropping them off at designated points. DoorDash is available in over 4,000 cities in United States, Canada, Australia, and other cities


  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Social security number
  • Have access to a bicycle or a vehicle (motorcycle, scooter or truck would do)
  • Pass a driving record check (you must have a driver’s license)
  • Undergo an orientation program (this can also be done in person)
  • You could also walk if you are resident in a city and does not have a car

Interestingly, the DoorDash FastPay makes it possible for their drivers to receive daily payment or even on weekends. It's quite simple to qualify for FastPay; you only need to complete 25 deliveries and must not be less than two weeks on the platform. These are the two important conditions to meet to enjoy Fast Pay.

How To Get Started on DoorDash

Sign up for the service: submit your application, choose driver orientation, enter other necessary details, download the app, and there you go!

Get some of the basics for the service

Get on the app, accept orders, deliver the orders, and you are on your way to earning some extra cash

Depending on the number of hours dedicated for DoorDash- you can make up to $20/hour in addition to 100 percent tips. Download the app, sign up, and start “Dashing Now” 

Benefits of DoorDash Delivery Driver Job

  • Easy to sign up and easy to get jobs
  • Flexibility and freedom to dash anywhere
  • Assist drivers with some discounts for car repairs
  • Weekly payment with an option for daily payment using the DoorDash FastCash

What Reddit Users are Saying About DoorDash

Do not make Doordash your primary job because it's a grind.

Do work for Doordash if you're a hustler with multiple gigs and can take advantage of the flexibility of the job. The way to do this is to only open the app when you have extra time you want to monetize.

Do not open the app up every morning and expect rainbows and butterflies because this job can suck sometimes.

There are Dashers who are doing it full time.

How much did they make?

For someone who worked 10 hour shifts at $14/HR for 4 days a week. You will feel mentally and physically healthier doing DoorDash for almost a bigger paycheck and less amount of time. Although it is not as linear as a fulltime job and you will have good days and bad days. Dashers share their stories on Reddit on how you can Maximise your income on Doordash.

I had an 82% acceptance rate until I found this group and learned it meant nothing. This is from the last 2 days. Went from making maybe $40 in 5 hours to making $100 in 4 with your tips and tricks. Thanks guys! (:

GrubHub Delivery Drivers Make $13/HR

You can earn $13/hr or more on GrubHub after removing your car maintenance and gas fee. A trick that has helped many GrubHub drivers to earn more is driving during bad weather like when it's raining. There are less drivers during bad weather and customers Tip better at this times.

Sign up and search available pickup in your neighborhood. Don't have a vehicle? No qualms! You can use a bike for delivery on GrubHub if you are in the possession of a valid state ID.

You need to have a valid driver’s license and a car insurance policy to be able to use a car on GrubHub. You decide when you want to work making it a flexible side income option.


  • Driver must be up to 19 years and above
  • Over 2 years of driving experience
  • Ability to go through and pass background checks

How To Get Started on GrubHub:

Register on the app and choose when you are available

Choose the “taking offers” status and GrubHub will send orders to you once you are in the right zone

There are 90 seconds to either accept or reject an order; it is advisable to accept most offers

The full details of the order showing the location and the expected amount to earn are displayed

After accepting the offer, GrubHub directs you to the pickup restaurant 

Immediately after the order picked up, the app directs one to the point of delivery

So, if you come on board today-you can earn between $10 to $20 every hour in addition to tips. 

Benefits of GrubHub Delivery Driver Job

  • It is flexible
  • Use of payment per mile
  • Weekly gift card
  • Varieties of restaurants

What Reddit Users are Saying About GrubHub

Gruhub Delivery driver job is a good side hustle to add to your streams of income. You are your own boss for the most part and get to know your way around towns and get to see a lot of people from day to day. GrubHub is Good if you are focused while on scheduled blocks and don't lose money from missing offers. You can schedule your own hours and work 1 day or 7 days a week.

GrubHub is a Good side gig if you're between jobs. You can make a lot of money if you keep up with their guidelines. Working as a GrubHub delivery driver has really helped a lot of people during the pandemic. You can be a part of the success story if you take action too.

In spite of all the GrubHub goofy things; overall, they’ve been good to me!
Thank you GrubHub for getting me through the tough times when, during this pandemic, I didn’t know if I was going to keep my house and car or loose everything. Things worked out. Anyone feel as appreciative as I do, please shout out!

UberEats Delivery Drivers Make $12/HR After Vehicle Expenses

Making the most money from delivery jobs has just got easier for you with UberEats. It is available in several cities in the US; from New York down to Montana and other smaller cities in the United States. You need to check if the service is available in your city or not and once it is available hop in and add that to your stream of income.

You can start UberEats delivery driver with a car, bike, or scooter; but you must state your means of transportation during registration. This service is available in more than 24 countries. 

Requirements To Start with UberEats:

  • At least 19 years to deliver using a scooter or not below 18 years to deliver with a bike
  • A valid driver’s license and car insurance
  • The vehicle must be one of the newer version-not older than 20 years
  • A good Smartphone to download the app
  • Pass the necessary background checks

How To Get Started on UberEats:

  • Download the UberEats app but if you are a driver for Uber-you could accept deliveries using the same app.
  • Register and enter all necessary information
  • Go online and accept delivery
  • Pick up the food and deliver
  • After the delivery, swipe right on the app and complete the delivery
  • The same process is repeated for other deliveries

Your payment is deposited directly into the deposit account associated with your UberEats account. Besides, you could also use InstantPay which will allow a driver to transfer earnings to a debit card. The "Earnings tab" to view your income.

Signup for UberEat to start making the most money from delivery jobs; and you also enjoy tips and good reviews from customers through the UberEat app. 

Benefits of UberEats Delivery Driver Job

  • A referral bonus is available
  • A driver can view earnings daily
  • Flexibility-working your hours
  • Drivers can turn on or off delivery request
  • With UberEat, drivers don’t come in contact with awkward customers

What Reddit Users are Saying about UberEats

UberEats delivery driver job is a life saver for making money whenever you need it. You work at your own schedule. However, as a stable job, it is hard to find any business during some hours of the day. Sometimes you get great tips from people which is the best feeling. Cashing out daily is the other best feeling. The good thing is you can get up to 50% in tips on orders like this UberEats driver shared on Reddit.

Instacart Delivery Driver Earn Up to $10/HR

Instacart is another great way you can use to make money from delivery jobs. Instacart is one of those ways through which you can earn some brisk cash. Here, drivers receive orders through the app, shop, and then deliver groceries directly to the customer who doesn't have time, ill, or has one form of disability or the order.

To make the most bucks from Instacart always go for the higher paying orders, avoid no tip orders and make sure you treat your customers well. Drivers with good reviews make more money.

Signing up on this platform is easy and could be completed within a short time.

You could either be a full-service or in-store shopper;

Full-Service Shopper

As a Full-Service-Shopper, you get order through the app and can either accept or reject orders based on offers, check into the customer's preferred store and get the items delivered.

You decide your own working hours and you can take at least three customers‘ orders at the same store.  

In-Store Shopper

You're an employee of Instacart that is attached to a store to get orders through the app under In-Store-Shopper option. You do the necessary things and transfers the items to the delivery driver who delivers the order to the customer address. You do not need a car for this role.

In-Store Shopper is a part-time role that could create up to 30 working hours. It is flexible and could give you higher earnings with more orders. 


  • A set of insulated bags
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Must pass a background check
  • A car as a means of transportation
  • The shopper must be either 18 years or above
  • Authorization to work in the United States
  • Be physically fit to lift a package of over 35-pounds
  • A Smartphone-preferably Android 4.4 models or iPhone 5 series

How To Get Started on Instacart:

  • After downloading the app-user become visible to options around
  • Attend training in the shop and fill out the necessary details
  • Choose the type of order you are interested in and view the estimated earnings
  • Register your Instacart payment card
  • Pick when you are available to work 

On the Instacart app; your average expected earning is $10 every hour and this based on the amount of item, kilometers covered, and the energy input during shopping and delivery. This earning per hour could also go higher when shoppers work on Sundays or holidays.

Interestingly, shoppers are guaranteed additional tips after making deliveries. This is not a get-rich-quick avenue but could be a means of making some side income.

So, take advantage of the Instacart delivery app and earn some extra bucks for yourself

Benefits of Instacart Delivery Driver Job

  • On-time payment
  • Flexibility and ability to choose and decide working hours
  • No contact with passengers in the car

What Reddit Users are Saying about Instacart

Instacart delivery driver job is a simple and easy gig you can take as a part-time job to earn extra buck on the side. And there’s always a chance to make real good money. I mean real good money. Just shop at the said store and deliver the groceries. It’s not that hard. Watch out for deliveries with tips and you might be earning big like this Reddit User. Man got $97.72 tip on a delivery of less than hour.

I once had a Sam's club order $25 tip 13 items woke up to a $500 tip. That was a great day for me.

Postmates Delivery Driver Get Special Incentives and Bonuses

Postmates is another delivery service through which customers can order from restaurants around. so, once a customer places an order-the nearest Postmate is notified; the order is picked up and delivered.

Postmates delivery drivers make $15/hr or more in the cities that are busy compared to the suburbs. You get more tips and base pay during busy hours.

Firstly, you need to search if the service is available in your region. They deliver groceries and alcohol in about half an hour.


  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Social security number
  • You must go through some background checks

How To Get Started on Postmates:

  • Download the app (Android and IOS)
  • Open the app and create an account
  • Enter the necessary details and quote how you plan to deliver (car, bike, or scooter)
  • A free delivery bag and prepaid card is sent to your address
  • So, activate your card by beginning to take orders
  • Identify busy spots in your location and schedule pick up time to take orders

You can earn up to $5 per delivery in addition to tips and you can pick up to 5 order along the same route at a go. So, the number of orders you take and deliver determines how much is made. Weekly payment is used by the platform; drivers are paid weekly (Mondays).

Interestingly, as a driver you can opt for payment before Monday using their debit card for instant cash out (required to pay a token fee of $0.50). it is advisable to save enough to cover estimated tax payments

You can take up to 10 deliveries monthly; you earn a discount the coming month for shops using the PerkSpot Program

Benefits of Postmates Delivery Driver Job

  • Can cash out anytime
  • The driver retains all the tips
  • You can schedule when to work
  • Drivers get incentives and special bonuses

What Reddit Users are Saying about Postmates

Postmates delivery drivers job allow you to work whenever you want at your own free time. At just the click of the app on your phone, you would be ready to start accepting orders immediately. The pay depends on how many orders you can take. There is also the option to cash out at any time for a small fee of $0.50. You enjoy same day payout and extra money through tips. You can see how people have been earning so much on Postmates.

My biggest tips ever... feeling blessed! Good day!

Amazon Flex Delivery Drivers Earn Up to $25/HR

Amazon Flex is an independent platform through which packages can be delivered on behalf of the company.

So, drivers can make deliveries for; Amazon.com, Amazon Prime, store orders, and some instant offers.

Amazon Flex is a fun company to work for. The job is very simple; you pick packages and deliver at locations. It’s a 24 hour facility so plenty of shifts to choose from. 5hr or 4hr shifts if you’re part-time and you can pick your shifts but they go fast so you have to immediately pick them on the app.


  • A car or van
  • Car insurance
  • A good Smartphone
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Must pass background checks
  • Must be up to than 21 years of age
  • Must be resident where Amazon Flex is available

How To Get Started on Amazon Flex:

  • Visit the Flex website to answer some eligibility questions
  • Download the app
  • Sign up for an account by supplying necessary information
  • Sign up for deliveries and complete the process

Drivers can earn up to $15 to $19 every hour but this amount increases to as high as $18 to $25 in addition to tips. Payment is processed twice-weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays) and is done through direct deposit.

Benefits of Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Job

  • Easy to sign up and get hired
  • Schedule your work hour

What Reddit Users are Saying About

Amazon Flex pay is good and the schedule is based on you. You really can’t complain as you just pick up packages and deliver them. If you don’t mind driving and you want flexible work this is perfect for you. A lot of people are already earning big on Amazon Flex. Learn from the tips in this article to start a side hustle as a delivery driver if you're looking for that extra bucks on a side.

I just did another one today 2 hour block, 2 packages on the way there, the other 8 were all literally right next door to one another. Finished in 40 minutes for an easy 54 dollars

How To Get Approved Fast for Doordash

Several families are subscribing to the food delivery operating system especially as the world still battles the aftermath of the global pandemic. So, DoorDash is one of the best food delivery services that offer the best side income.

Besides, the DoorDash tips are also something that should interest you because it remains with you 100 percent. Therefore, many are making a living from food delivery.

So, if you want to get approved fast for DoorDash-go through the following tips and you will be amazed how fast you get the approval;

Create an account:

After meeting up with registration requirements; you create an account with your username and password.

  • Enter your name 
  • Provide your contact information
  • Give the details of the areas you wish to deliver in
  • Type of vehicle
  • Provide your driver’s license number (where applicable)
  • Consent to a background check

Be available for an orientation:

Immediately all background checks are concluded, there is a need to attend a compulsory online orientation course. An activation kit with DoorDash Red Prepaid card and welcome manual is sent upon successful completion of the online orientation course.

All intending drivers are expected to submit a tax form and also be able to buy the DoorDash insulated bag that will be used for the delivery.

Download app here for Android

Download app here for ios

Whether you use Android or iPhone, you will need to search through the app store of your device, download the app, and install it.

Activate the Door Dash Prepaid card:

The card is used for accepting, paying for pick up, and paying for orders. This card comes with the activation kit that is sent by mail. 

To complete the process;

  • Enter your bank account information
  • Complete your first Dash

So, if there’s a reason to suspend the registration and you have to go back to it; there are ways of checking the progress, check below;

Visit www.doordash.com and click “Already started signing up?

Enter the phone number and email address used for signing up. it takes you to the point where the registration process stopped.

Visiting the activation confirmation emails sent earlier would help with further instructions

How To Get Approved Fast for GrubHub

The following are ways through which you can get approved fast for GrubHub;

  • Visit driver.grubhub.com and give your information (first name, last name, email address, and phone number.
  • Click on “Next”
  • Enter your state, city, and type of vehicle
  • Accept to be receiving texts and emails from GrubHub
  • Check the GrubHub privacy policy box
  • Click “Next”
  • Click the “Let’s begin” tab and give answers to some questions for knowing your eligibility to the platform. Upon submission of the form, you either proceed or are informed you are not qualified to move forward. Disqualification is often due to ineligibility or no demand in your location.
  • If you are prompted to move forward, create a profile by providing your driver's license, car insurance card, and account information.
  • Authorize a background check

After approval, you will go through an online or in-person onboarding session and fill out other paper works. At this juncture, you will learn other things on how to attend to delivery requests.

At the onboarding session, drivers are introduced to the company, scheduling time blocks, making deliveries, how drivers are paid, and some other relevant information. Upon completion of the onboarding session, you receive the insulated GrubHub bag (in-person session offers the bag directly while the bag is mailed to drivers who took part in an online on-boarding session.

How To Get Approved Fast for UberEats

If you want to get approval fast for UberEats, here the things to be done;

  • Visit www.ubereats.com
  • Enter the necessary information under the “Sign up” section
  • For intending driver with an Uber account-go to the Uber Eats log in page
  • State your preferred city to drive in and an invite code (if you have on the form)
  • A list of all the delivery transportation in your city is displayed (walking, cars, bicycles, and scooter), and go through the registration requirements over again
  • Choose the delivery transportation most suitable for you
  • A list of requirement is sent to you based on the delivery transportation selected
  • Upload documents (like licenses, IDs, and vehicle registration where necessary) and other background checks. The background checks may take 3 to 4 days; after this, you are ready to be an UberEats driver
  • Enter social security number
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click on “Submit”


How To Get Approved Fast for Instacart

  • Visit shoppers.instacart.com or go through the app
  • Fill in the necessary information
  • Check through again to be sure you meet all qualification requirements
  • Take a picture of your driver's license and your picture
  • Enter the mailing address to receive the Instacart payment card
  • Review your application
  • Approve background check-this usually takes up to 10 days and you can check for your status by visiting https://candidate.checkr.com/view#login
  • Attach a bank account for payment.

Upon completion of the process, there will be access to the app to learn more about some features, guides, and other important details. To know if you have been approved, a confirmatory email and notification from the app are sent stating your registration progress.

So, congratulations; you are ready to earn money from the Instacart delivery program. 

How To Make $500/Week On Doordash

You can make more bucks on DoorDash by completing more deliveries. Your locations will also contribute to your earnings if it is a busy one and you are able to get more orders and this translates to more money in your bank.

You enjoy a $10/hour pay on DoorDash and every tip you get from deliveries are all yours. So, if you are in the United States, here are some good locations where you can make $500 weekly delivering food.

  • San Francisco
  • Washington D.C
  • Los Angeles
  • Brooklyn
  • Chicago

If you are not in the US or Canada, you need not worry-locate the busy cities, sign up on the platform, and make the most money from delivering foods 

DoorDash Payment Methods

For Dashers in the United States and Canada, their total earning is usually a summation of the base pay, promotions, and tips.

The hourly base pay is from $2 to $10 per delivery-which is based on time and distance. So, deliveries that require more time and longer distance get higher base pay when compared to those that are completed within a short space of time.

Promotions are a function of Peak Pay and Challenge bonuses; through this, Dashers can earn some extra bucks thereby making them achieve their income goal for a while. 

The entire tip received by Dasher goes to them. So, this is an additional earning potential for Dashers. The amount of tips is displayed under the earning breakdown of Dashers and this will not in any way influence the base pay and promotions.

DoorDash Fast Pay

Fast Pay is a tool that enables Dashers only in the United States to access their money before the weekly payout day. To do this, drivers are usually charged a token fee of $1.99 and must own a debit card and not a prepaid card.

Also, eligibility for this feature is determined by the completion of at least 25 deliveries, must have been using DoorDash for up to 2 weeks, and must have set up a bank account.

Cashing out using this feature is available only once daily and any earning for the previous week that are not transferred before midnight Sunday will be converted to your weekly payment and be deposited into your account within 2 to 3 working days.

It is often easy to set up Fat Pay;

  • Visit the earning section of the app
  • Click “Set up Fast Pay”-be sure it is linked to your bank account
  • Fill in the needed information
  • Wait for the 7-day activation period and you would be able to use the Fast Pay feature

DoorDash Peak Pay

There are times that bonuses are activated on each delivery during busy times, these types of bonuses are called Peak Pay. For instance, there might be an additional $2 on every delivery between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

You can check the app to see if Peak Pay is activated or the areas where it's active. Besides, it is often good to note that Peak Pay is usually calculated with the payout order. So, if you know the base pay and the Peak Pay-you can deduce if a customer has tipped or not.

Unfortunately, Peak Pay could lead to having more drivers on the road-an implication of having low order volume and low pay. If properly managed, Peak Pay could be another way of boosting your earnings if you get early access and plan the hours when it is likely to take effect.

DoorDash Tips

Here are some DoorDash tips to make you earn more;

  • Be punctual at the store, contact the store or DoorDash support if you are running late
  • Double-check the order to confirm you are picking the correct order
  • Confirm every item on your Dasher app
  • Confirm the extras like straws, napkins, or any other as requested by the customer
  • Get in touch with the customer
  • Follow all the delivery guidelines as stipulated by the customer
  • Do not tamper with the food, separate hot and cold items as this would help to prevent food spoilage.
  • Correctly label each order to avoid confusion while dropping off orders
  • Schedule your working hours along pick periods; this is often lunch and dinner hours. So, doing this will ensure that you get back-to-back orders and you increase your earning potential.
  • Always ensure to resolve issues either through the app, the Live Chat Support system, or the Dasher Contact form. 

Doordash Hotspots

The DoorDash Hotspots is another tool that helps Dashers to improve the chances of landing more deliveries. So, DoorDash Hotspot is a particular area close to your location that guarantees most orders. The hotspot areas are marked with red flame spots on the app.

These hotspots are close to where you have restaurants and shopping malls. Because they are based on real-time, they can change based on how busy an area becomes. The Hotspot refreshes every 10 minutes

The DoorDash app displays the hotspot closest to you and you can also click on "Show More Hotspots" for those nearby. So, Dashers must continue to refresh their device for the latest hotspots.

Besides, you can still land yourself some orders even if you are getting notifications that Hotspots are not available around you. How? Since the DoorDash app is still working-orders can still be sent. It is advisable to move to areas where you can easily receive orders. 

How To Make $500/Week On Grubhub

You can make up to $500/week on Grubhub if you put in effort. At GrubHub you're estimated to earn at least $15 to $20 per hour during the weekends and dinner hours.

So, technically speaking-you are able to make up to $500 working 4 to 5 days at 15-20 hours. Interestingly, drivers operating in major cities can even earn close to $1000 weekly taking it as a full-time job.

Also, to make additional funds-you can take advantage of opportunities of bonuses on the GrubHub platform. For instance, you could earn an additional $10 for every 3 deliveries in the evening. But you must be able to accept up to about 95 percent of offers that come your way to qualify for bonuses.

In all, making $500 or more weekly will depend basically on your location, schedule time to work, and the additional tips.

DoorDash Drive

It involves large orders that need special handling. It is designed for experienced Dashers. It might include a set of group orders or orders requested by corporate clients. It is expected that the Dasher offers good customer service, prompt arrival at the store, and confirming the accuracy of the item.

So, to qualify for DoorDash drive; Dasher must have maintained an average of 4.5 customer rating and have completed up to 20 deliveries.

DoorDash Missing Items

An item may get missing during pick up, such a case can be resolved by getting back to the restaurant so they can search and locate it. Also, if a customer reports a missing item directly to you-inform the customer to go through the Help Button on the app or website.

Alternatively, Dasher can go through the Order tab, click “Help”, choose “Missing items” or “Items made incorrectly” under the “Order issues, and then go through the instructions.

DoorDash Customer Rating

The DoorDash customer rating ranges from 1 to 5 which is usually the 100 latest score given by the customers. So, each time a new score is given, the older scores are replaced thereby improving the customer rating experience.

Some customers might not leave any rating immediately after delivery but might do so much later-this will affect your rating subsequently even if you don't complete any latest delivery. Unfortunately, a Dasher might be deactivated if he consistently gets a rating below 4.2 (this is often due to repeated lateness)

Here are few tips to help Dasher maintain a good customer rating;

  1. Prompt and on-time delivery
  2. A hot and fresh delivery of foods
  3. A friendly and welcoming Dasher
  4. Maintains the taste of the food
  5. Correct delivery


How To Make $500/Week On UberEats

Is it possible to make $500/week on UberEats? Yes, it's possible to make it and even much more, we have listed tips that will help you to earn even more in this article.

Here are tips that will make you earn up to $500/week on UberEats;

Target a small work area: this will help you to spend less on gas and will help you to cover more deliveries. Besides, you can turn down orders if the driving expenses are high.

Here is the kicker; ensure you figure out the hotspots in your area, though it might take a while to get this done. But once it is done, you will be able to earn more cash.

Watch out for the peak seasons: lunch and dinner times are often busier for UberEats. So, the platform increases the incentive for these periods since drivers are in high demand. These periods are known as the Surge Period.

Therefore, to earn more on UberEats, you must schedule your delivery time around these periods to maximize the income.

Another cool way of earning more on UberEats is by inviting friends to earn referral bonuses. The platform is always looking for drivers to join the team-so, you could just continue earning when you bring your friends on board.

How To Make $500/Week With Instacart

You could find out your weekly earnings through the Earning tab. A shopper can make an average of $14 to $20 per hour and this is largely based on the time invested.

So, to make $500/week with Instacart-you need to put in a good number of hours and complete enough orders. In addition to the hourly pay, a shopper can earn and keep 100 percent of the tips realized.

Besides, making enough money can also be achieved by taking up multiple batches at the same time and showing interest in alcohol and other prescriptive deliveries. So, always strive to deliver on time and deliver the right items-this will promote good rankings and continue to be in business.


Does DoorDash Pay For Gas?

Because you are working as an independent entity, DoorDash does not give drivers any form of reimbursement for gas expenses. Also, the platform does not offer drivers employment benefits. Therefore, it is advisable to plan for your fuel expenses since they will be coming directly from your purse.

Note: One way through which you can save on gas expenses is by driving a fuel-efficient vehicle.

How Late Does DoorDash Deliver?

The Door Dash platform is a 24-hour food delivery service platform that runs from morning until late at night. The closing time of DoorDash is dependent on the closing time of the restaurant.

Some restaurants might be up till 3:00 am while most of them close at 10:00 -10:30 pm-so, the driver just opens the app and check for a list of available restaurants to get the delivery done.

Can You Pay With Cash On DoorDash?

Yes, you can but presently the "Cash on Delivery" arrangement is currently not available as a payment option on the Dasher app.

This often arises when customers choose to pay cash for orders. The Dasher collects the cash from the customer and it’s deducted from their next scheduled deposit.

So, if for instance, a Dasher collects $30 from a customer and your total income for the week is $170-the platform deduct $30 and credit you $140. In the case where the customer pays higher than the actual amount, the extra remains yours too.

Besides, Dasher has the right to either accept or decline any Cash on Delivery order and this will not in any way impact on acceptance rate.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have decided on which delivery driver job to sign up for. It is a flexible side hustle and many of these companies offer good hourly pay if you can commit more time to it. Check out the best delivery driver jobs in your area where you can make the most money and subscribe today.

Now you know how to make the most money from delivery jobs - look for the one that offers you flexibility and income, sign up with them today, and make that extra income you have longed for.

Andrew Wise. Side Hustling since 2009
Andrew Wise, Side Hustler Since 2009
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I have spent my entire adult life maximizing my money. At age 6, I was selling my lunch, at age 16, I was a Power Seller on eBay, and at age 26 I was helping Postmates manage their $10M annual Adwords budget. Today, I'm helping gig workers maximize their money on Wurk.
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